About Apama


“APAMA – the most attractive company in the industry to customers, colleagues and suppliers!”


Our Objectives and Values

Regular investments in development of the company in the area of technologies, processes as well as personal development.

Continuous year-on-year increase in turnover and profit.

High perceived value of the brand “APAMA” by customers.

Area for creative approach, space for relations with students.

Perception of our reputation and continuous enhancement of corporate social responsibility in the area of trade relationships, environment and social aspects.

A friendly work environment for employees, who can look forward to continuing mutual cooperation.

Use of positive elements of informal organizational structure to develop knowledge management.

Co-operation with universities and research institutes to improve high-tech elements in the company.


Our Story

Our experience with production of printed circuit boards dates back to the year 1992; at that time, we started a simple production for radio-amateurs. We worked really hard to continuously improve ourselves. Finally, in the year 2007 we – as a “Mucha” family – have established the company named APAMA, in a new legal form. Thus, we have committed our family business to the vision of brand-building, which our customers would link with quality printed circuit boards. We have already achieved many partial objectives in the area of production of single-layer and double-layer printed circuit boards and related services, ranging from technical advice, completely guaranteed production, express delivery terms to ISO certification.

Services, which at the moment can somebody else make better than we can do, we outsource to tried and tested suppliers.

Nevertheless, a gradual reduction in cooperation and its introduction into our own production range are challenges, which our family business face. We are looking forward to their meeting, as every imperfection and its successful solution will move us forward, to the higher level. I.e., we are meeting the vision of building of value of our family business “APAMA”. In this context we are awaiting continuous development and we are happy that our customers, employees, suppliers and students will benefit from such progress.